Beech Woods Heated Tees
22204 Beech Rd, Southfield MI  48033
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Welcome to Beech Woods Heated Tees in the City of Southfield.  Click for a map to our location.  We are now open and the staff awaits your visit.  
Current Specials

E-Key Specials
We are running a $1 per minute lesson special in January of 2017.  Please see above for all the details
$100 - 10% Premium
$250 - 15% Premium
$500 - 20% Premium
January Lesson Special

In January, you will be able to take a lesson with PGA professional Terri Ryan at the bargain price of $1 a minute.  WHAT??  That's crazy!  How does it work?

Purchase a large bucket of balls at the regular price of $11 ($10 for seniors).    At the time of purchase ask the front counter to schedule a lesson in Terri's lesson book and designate it as the $1 per minute lesson price.  Because this is such a great deal the minimum lesson time is 10 minutes ($10) and the maximum lesson time is 30 minutes ($30).  The normal price for a 30 minute private lesson is $50 so this is a great deal.   

Stop in today and take advantage of this awesome opportunity.

Normal Hours Resume

We have resumed our normal hours.  We are currently open 10 AM until 7 PM Sunday thru Saturday.  On especially bad weather days call first to make sure we are open.  The number is (248) 304-4653.

New Balls and Mats 

We have purchased all new range balls.  Gone are the balls that have been sitting in the snow and the ice and the cold for the last 6 seasons.  We are hoping that the new range balls will give you an accurate ball flight and better reading of your golf game.  In the event your game needs shaping up, Terri Ryan, our PGA professional, will be available for lessons. 

Also purchased were 20 new mats.  Quality was a big factor when we went shopping so we could enhance your experience at the Tees.  The rubber tees will still be needed for hitting your woods.  The rubber tees will be available for use.  We originally stated that regular tees could be used.  However, the new mats have arrived and, although they are great quality mats, are not conducive to allowing the use of a regular tee.  We apologize for the original incorrect information.  

E-Key Special

$500 or More - 20% Premium
 $250 to $499 - 15% premium 
 $100 to $249 - 10% premium

These keys do not lose your value so in the event that you fail to use the entire value during the 2016-2017 Heated Tees season, you can continue to use them the following seasons.  The e-key is valid only at the  Heated Tees and not at Beech Woods golf course.

Yardage Chart
We always have questions about the yardage to certain flags on the range.  For your convenience we have created a yardage chart.  Click here to see and print.